A Burger of a Different Color…

I love pork. So much so that we’re planning on raising hogs. It’s funny, though because at a certain point in my teen hood i ate about every kind of meat EXCEPT pork, due to the fact that swine are so smart. Smartness aside, pork is now one of the meats that i definitely eat. I get most of our pork from Winn’s, and picked up some ground pork last weekend to grill up as burgers. I don’t think i’ve ever seen a pork burger anywhere else, and i urge you to try making some yourself.

I always make what some stores refer to as “cowboy” burgers. I finely chop onions, jalapenos, garlic and in this case some cilantro and mix that all in with the ground meat. Add in some seasoning (i used some Jamaican Jerk seasoning my sister brought me from a place up in Washington), form your patties and coat in some salt and pepper: you won’t want any ketchup going near these babies. I’m talking flavor!

To further up the ante, i added some smoked gouda cheese to the patties. Woah, amazing. I parcelled up some asparagus in foil while the meat grilled and toasted some wheat english muffins for a truly epic, sunny evening feast. Pork definitely makes a good burger.

What type of ground meat do you usually use in a burger? Beef, venison, elk, pork??


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3 Responses to A Burger of a Different Color…

  1. Alexandra

    We had the same meal, pork burgers and asparagus on the grill, a couple weeks ago! Delicious. I’ll have to try your seasoning ideas for the burgers next time.

  2. When we butcher a hog I grind at least 30 or more pounds. For burgers we love to mix it with ground venison. We also use it in spaghetti sauce and for tacos. Love it!

    • MirandaRommel

      That’s what we’d like to do as well, Missy! We plan on raising guinea hogs and harvesting deer from our property (with the appropriate deer tags, of COURSE, tee hee). Would be wonderful to ground the lean venison with the rich guinea hog meat. Nom nom nom.

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