Weekend Projects: Floors Off/ Floors On

We finally got some good work done on some projects this weekend!

I spent most of the day in the barn and kitchen processing 6 11 week old fryers: 2 went in the freezer whole for Pocket and the rest i dressed and froze for us, save one that i cooked for dinner. And my, what an amazing feeling/event/feat: i bred these fryers, waited a month for them to be born, made sure they were safe the first days of their lives, cared for them for another 2.5 months and finally dispatched them with respect and humane speed. A few hours later, one was a delicious and nutritious meal for my husband and myself plus leftovers for the next night’s meal and a few bones saved to go into a big batch of soup in a few weeks. That feels great! I also tried deboning one of them and didn’t totally muck it up – it’s in the freezer and will be half thawed next weekend to try my hand at grinding meat! i have no idea the quality of my old hand-crank, German grinder i picked up at Goodwill years ago, so i’ll need luck!

While i was outside listening to the summer rain (what the heck?) bounce off the tin roof of the barn, i could hear saws and hammers inside the house. My dear husband spent a few days in the last weeks tearing out disgusting, stinking (of cat pee and years of mold/abandonment) carpet, discovering a rotted portion of the floor, tearing that up and replacing it with fresh wood, painting the moldy wall with Kilz and spraying down the room with Nature’s Miracle. The room now smells CLEAN and is ready for a new floor to be laid!

Side note: Here on the farm, i fill the role of ‘animal husband:’ manager of all things animal husbandry and principle caretaker/decision maker of animal wellbeing. Andy helps out and is usually the ‘close the coop at night’ guy and principle water shlepper, but i’m basically the go-to gal for anyone on the farm with 4 legs or feathers. I also work at home, which means i do a lot of the thinking and planning of all the other projects… but i get overwhelmed. Andy is ‘supposed’ to be the infrastructure guy. Heavy lifting, building things, designing gates, etc. Eventually he’ll have to do a lot of the gardening as i’ll be spending most of my weekend time with animals. It’s pretty great when we are both ‘filling our roles’ at the same time and can just check in on each other and watch the progress the other has made. I love our partnership and couldn’t do this crazy homesteader thing without him!

AND we finally started laying the living room floor! AH, I’M SO EXCITED to have this project DONE! i did bash my fingers pretty wickedly last night, but hey: i stab my fingers with felting needles repeatedly just about every day so i’m used to it. I can’t wait to post the before/after pictures of this project!

So, floors up, floors on, progress being made and renewed vigor in our ‘in home’ projects is making me feel pretty swell. Oh, and i didn’t even mention the pickles i started fermenting – i might even make time for some real homesteading this fall!

How have you been spending the last few weekends of summer?

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