Very Special Invitations

Today’s post is a preview of a super awesome ( i hope ) series i’ll be writing up at the end of the month. Although the only children i plan on having myself are covered in fur and fiber, my human sister is pregnant! I’m already a proud aunt of 4 neices and nephews from my older half sisters, but this little baby will be the first from my other set of sisters (hint, i technically have 4 sets of two sisters yet am an only child….). I was so looking forward to living close to my sister, Mandie when i moved back to Oregon last year….. and then she moved to Wisconsin. Then Montana. :(    Regardless of her distance, i’m stoked to meet the new little nephew and took over the invitation portion of her baby shower that’s coming up this month. I threw in some artsyness, as per usual and think i came up with an idea that is worth sharing with the world.  So, watch for the series coming later this month, and get ready for the photos to go viral on Pinterest!   😉

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