The Land Search Continues

My realtor picked me up after work last week and brought me to a new property. As she said “She wouldn’t be doing her job if she didn’t show me 17 acres in my price range.” She was right. Wow. 17.5 acres only 15 minutes from my husband’s workplace, with 10 acres of pasture, a hoop house, barn and shop and a MASSIVE 3300 square foot house. A house that needs a LOT of work. Maybe too much work, requiring perhaps too much money to get it liveable. But perhaps just enough work to get our elbows greasy and a local roofer employed for a weekend….

Right now it kind of looks like a condo… but can you imagine it with beautiful landscaping surrounding it, painted creamy yellow with a wrap around covered porch? We can.

That siding is sure scary and inundated with dry rot, but siding can be ripped off, windows can be replaced and massive kitchens with 1970s vintage linoleum CAN be enjoyed!

Could this be our farmhouse??


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3 Responses to The Land Search Continues

  1. Gone Country

    Sounds like the property has a lot of extras already built which will save some money.  It sounds promising and has a lot of potential.  Good luck!

  2. Harlywomn

    So I am looking at your Blogroll and notice Tasha Tudor. Are you a fan? She inspired me in my college days. I wrote a winning paper on her for my art history class. Beautiful story, life and woman

    • MirandaRommel

      Yes, i am so inspired by Tasha Tudor. As a corgi woman, artist, herbalist and old fashioned woman: she is my hero!

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