Friday Featured Friends: Photo Contest Winners Announced!

Congratulations to Carrie and your ADORABLE Pembroke Welsh Corgis! So many factors led to your grand prize win: their smiling faces, the lovely flowers, the love they received on Facebook. Just look at them: they had to win!

Not sure what i’m talking about in reference to the photo contest? Well, let me tell you! Fiber Friends sends out a weekly-ish newsletter full of awesome coupons, news, blog posts and CONTESTS! The theme for July was “flowers” and i’ll be announcing August’s theme next week! Fill out ye olde newsletter subscription form over in the right sidebar and get in on the action! I’m still working on the “rules” but basically the photo contests go something like this:

  • Monthly theme is announced
  • You submit awesome photos of your dogs (preferably posing with their Fiber Friends if you have any)
  • I pick a photo a week to feature in the newsletter and on Facebook
  • At the end of the month i put the photos up to a vote on Facebook and ultimately decide which photo i think is the most awesome. The winner gets a special prize!
  • At the end of the year i will probably run some super awesome mega contest for the year’s top winner…. and EVENTUALLY these photo contests will come together as a super fun calendar available in my Etsy shop and here on the Pocket Pauase.

Cool, right? Totally.

Congrats again, Carrie! Get your cameras ready for August everyone! I’m still working on the theme and am playing with the idea of “summer heat” or “summer fun” or maybe “summer reading” – comment with your idea for the August theme!

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  1. Betty Klooster

    Cutest Corgis ever!

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