Fiber Fridays: Inspired

Well, after last week’s stellar Friday post comes this week’s more ‘laid back’ version. I had intended on posting some photos from my recent spinning projects, but the upcoming baby shower and an unexpected work day, plus the  leaving of my power cords AT work have prevented me from spending the time i’d like. I’ve got 40 minutes left on the battery, so i’ve gotta bust this out!

As you know, i felt little critters. They’re cute. I love them. Folks love them, but what does one really DO with an adorable miniature barnyard animal or corgi? A recent customer sent me an appreciation photo that just blew my mind. Check it out. Is that not the coolest thing?

A. that doll majorly radical.

B. my little bunny was so clearly meant just for her. I’ve definitely been inspired to create some Fiber Friends specifically as doll accessories, and may even bring home some of my old Madam Alexander dolls as props for photo shoots.

Thanks for the inspiration!


This week’s featured Fiber Friend may just be my favorite so far. Sleeping in the classic ‘pooped corgi’ pose we’re all familiar with, this little pup must have had a long day of play and fetching. She’s perfect for setting on top of your monitor or other frequently stared at surface. Those squinty sleep-eyes are just too cute. Almost as cute as Pocket’s squinty sleep-eyes. Next on the docket will be a ‘flat on the back, legs akimbo’ corgi – that other popular sleeping position.

What’s your dog or cat’s favorite sleeping position? Leave me a comment to receive a coupon for my Etsy shop!


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4 Responses to Fiber Fridays: Inspired

  1. Andrea Duke

    Very cute! My son and I felted a sheep a few years ago and made their legs out of cinnamon sticks. The idea came Martha Stewart, of course 😉

  2. Heidi Noonan-Day

    You are a GREAT ARTIST! I want to win the Daily Corgi giveaway! We are a three Corgi home!

  3. Judy Clements

    Great article about the essential oils.
    My Corgi Sir Winston Raleigh Clements would love to win one of the Corgi toys. It looks just like him.

  4. Virginia Rudloff

    Love your little fiber corgis. Our Desi likes to sleep on her back with her body all twisted – looks incredible uncomfortable. Bogie sleeps on his side with his little legs sticking straight out. Looks like he just tipped over. Hope to win the giveaway!

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