Fiber Friday: Kai Is Somedoggie Special

This week’s featured photo contest winner for August’s theme, “Fun in the Sun” was Kai! I recently had the honor felting his little Fiber Friend, along with another special dog, Lancelot. I didn’t know the back story of these two Friends until recently – and i just have to share it!

Read this amazing story about Lancelot and Kai:

Lancelot was a rescue that we had for about four years and was the absolute love of our lives. One Friday morning he refused to eat his breakfast and over the course of the day my husband came home to check on him several times and he deteriorated over the course of the day. When we got home things were not any better and we took him to the doggy emergency room where we spent most of the evening getting terrible news. We spent the weekend going from our home to the ER to visit Lance who was in ICU and on Sunday evening they called us to tell us we needed to come right away. We got there in time to pet him, hold him and see his smiling face. Then he took his last breath and he was gone. My husband and I had a very hard time with this as he was just the very best dog anyone could possibly ever want. He just wanted to be loved. He passed away at 7:37pm on Sunday, June 26, 2011.

After a couple of weeks we were finally starting to heal and decided that we had to have another Corgi, so we started looking online at breeders. We had both always wanted a blue merle Cardi and there was a breeder on the other side of the state who was expecting puppies. We contacted her and told her our story. She accepted our application and we chatted with her further. At the age of four weeks we went to visit the pups and picked our first and second choices of the litter. While talking to her we found out the puppies were born on June 26, 2011. The throw back of the litter was Kai, a throw back due to his coloring, crawled in my lap and made himself at home. We fell in love with him and made him our number one choice. We talked to the breeder a little further and found that Kai was the first born and that his tail had gotten wound up in the umbilical cord and docked itself. He was also twice the weight of the other puppies. Then Kathy, the breeder, told us how Kai was born at about 7:40pm. We thought this was totally ironic as it was so close to the time that Lance passed.

At 8 weeks, we brought Kai home with us. We had him about a week when he started doing what we call “Lancism’s.” He first climbed up on the back of the couch and started nuzzling with my husband’s ears – chewing and licking them. My husband giggled – this was something that Lance used to do. Over time Kai started to do little things that Lance used to do. I know that it sounds strange, but we almost wonder if Kai is the reincarnation of Lance. Needless to say Kai is a very special boy to us and he holds a very special place in our hearts.

Thank you for sharing that amazing story, Cindy! Kai truly is a special boy. Cindy and her husband are headed on an overseas vacation later this fall and can’t bring their sweet doggie with them, so they’ll be taking along two little Friends to keep them company!

We look forward to hearing about their voyage (and maybe getting a few photos of little Lance and Kai on their travels?) Have a great trip, little guys!

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  1. Kai & Lancelot's mom

    Thank you for sharing the story of two of our Corgis. Our boys are very special to us & their mini me’s will be traveling with us soon. Hope the girls get to go too so we can have the herd of herders with us!

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