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Birdsong Farm - Pedee, ORBirdsong Farm is located south of Pedee, Oregon (~30 minutes NW of Corvallis) specializing in humanely raised, gourmet small livestock breeds including duck and domestic rabbit. We practice rotational grazing methods for healthy animals, soil and wildlife and are focused on feeding ourselves homegrown, nourishing food and filling a niche for those seeking exceptional quality and flavor for meat and eggs. 

Check this page regularly to see what products we have available for sale and feel free to stop by the next time you’re nearby!On farm sales are available most days. You can also find us at the Polk County Bounty Farmer’s Market in Dallas every Thursday from 10-3, May-October.

Price Sheet

Not familiar with cooking rabbit or duck? Check out our recipe and resources pages for some great ideas and enjoy the following free information sheets: Muscovy Cooking Tips / Rabbit Cooking Tips  We are always happy to offer tips by email as well.  Send us a message using the contact form below to ask questions or place an order.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date on delivery schedules and other special news.

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Pastured Poultry

We keep two small flocks of ducks: Our Muscovy Ducks are bred mainly for meat, and our mixed mallard derivative ducks lay eggs year round. All of our birds are free range on pasture, supplemented with balanced feed for gourmet meat and delicious/nutritious eggs with bright orange yolks! The meat from our Muscovy ducks is outstanding (our personal favorite meat from our farm). Muscovy duck meat is dark red and is lower in fat than the traditional Pekin duck, but still fatty enough to be decadent, tender and delicious. Pan seared duck breasts are about the most delicious dish one can serve: the sirloin of poultry! We also raise broiler chickens once a year.

Our laying ducks and chickens get lots of garden extras and are free to forage. Duck eggs are a baker’s delight! More protein than chicken eggs makes for more stable meringues and poofier rises. Plus: they’re delicious and rich! Our duck eggs are about the size of a jumbo chicken egg. Affectionately referred to as “The Quack Ducks” our flock is made up of Runners, Golden 300s, a few heritage breeds and mixed babies of all. We love watching them waddle and forage in the field! * We sell muscovy ducklings in season and may have laying ducklings later this summer.


Current availability: Meat= All cuts (duck and rabbit) in stock, frozen. We are also be taking pre-orders for pasture ranged Freedom Ranger chickens to be picked up fresh this July: $4/pound. Contact us  at See link at top of page for prices.

Must Read! Check out Hank Shaw’s Duck, Duck, Goose: The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Waterfowl, Both Farmed and Wild

** DUCKLINGS AND BUTCHER READY DUCKS** Sign up for our newsletter if you wish to be updated on duckling arrival. Ducklings are hatching! Limited availability of colored ducklings. Prices start at $7.

Domestic Rabbits

We raise pedigreed New Zealand rabbits in black, blue and broken black. My goals are to breed healthy, show quality rabbits with calm temperaments, great mothering skills and an emphasis on meat production/ good growth rate and excellent conformation. I participate in ARBA shows to help me improve my eye to better hone my stock so that I only contribute the very best genetics to other breeders. I have invested time and money on bringing in quality animals from the best local breeders and am happy to be a part of improving this great breed! We offer live animals for sale as breeding stock with complete pedigree. I only sell my best animals as breeding stock, so availability is limited and seasonal. I do not sell discounted ‘grade’ animals. Not every animal makes the cut to be sold as breeding stock, so we are also happy to offer delicious meat for sale to feed our community.

See link at top of page for current meat prices. Breeding stock are priced based on quality, starting at $35.

Our breeding stock of New Zealand rabbits:


Birdsong’s Bramble(RLZ) – Legs of Grand Champion: 3, including Best of Breed, Best Opposite of Breed and Best of Variety.  Bramble has great growth rate, dense coat and solid conformation with a gorgeous, huge head. I look forward to developing my black line with this meaty boy.








ScottyCFR Spotty Scotty (CFR 132). Legs of Grand Champion: 5. Registered Grand Champion rabbit. Handsome broken black buck with depth to spare! He’s here to make Birdsong Farm rabbitry some show stopping kits! *Scotty is no longer in the barn but many (ok, most) of my senior does are his daughters.





IMG_8364HM Mad Hatter (HM96). Aka “Mr. Hat.” Pretty blue buck with nice type, excellent color and a friendly personality. *Best of Variety OLRCB Convention 2017





IMG_8366Birdsong’s Thorny (B1Z). Thorny is sticking around to head to some shows (and get some great comments!) and breed a few times. He’ll be available to populate your barn soon :) $75 *Best of Variety OLRCB Convention 2017




Not shown: “Ashes to Ashes” and “The Dude” – two blue bucks i borrowed from local rabbitries.  I also have a new buck en route this week to add blue genetics to the barn.

 Senior does:

IMG_6193Birdsong’s Peony out of Scotty and Poppy. I am LOVING this doe – great balance of depth and width. She has 1 leg (best of Variety) and is a great mother so far: perfect nest her first time and feeding them well. She was ready to breed, so no more shows (or legs) for her, sadly.





CFR196CFR 196 “Juniper” Nicely balanced doe and a cuddler to boot. Out of Bowen’s Sig and Brush Prairie’s Nevermind. Juniper got great comments on the table including Best Opposite Variety with too few exhibitors to leg.





Birdsong’s Marionberry (BB1A)  Marionberry was a huge kit with an awesome growth rate. Out of Bramble and Blackberry. She’s lacking in depth but makes up for that with personality and mothering instincts and great width. She is an amazing mom and her kits have fantastic growth rate and improved depth thanks to Scotty. Marionberry’s dam was my most reliable breeder and it appears she passed her great mothering skills on! Despite lacking a bit in type, I keep Marionberry around for her excellent mothering and FEEDING: she is the holstein of my barn.



IMG_6318Birdsong’s Boysenberry (SM1A): Smaller broken black doe out of Marionberry and Scotty. Boysenberry is a step on my way to better depth with Marionberry’s width. She’s a smaller doe but has fairly good type. Legs of Grand Champion: 1. Awards: BOV,  Best Opp Variety, BOB (Best of Breed) at Canby  5/21/16




IMG_6315SCF Black Olive (SPA): A nice BIG boned doe out of Scotty and CFR Persimmons. Big doe, gorgeous chubby head. Olive has 1 leg for BOV.  She is a good mother with a nice personality and passes on nice rumps and those big, chubby cheeks. *Photo taken when she was a little/young intermediate doe. She really filled out!





IMG_6191Birdsong’s Chickadee out of Scotty and Junco. Chickadee is a long doe but BIG and has a sweet personality and lovely kits. Chickadee does have a bit of steel on her flanks and passes it on to a small percentage of her kits. She has Junco’s long, deer-like face and loves to be patted.





Birdsong’s Junco (BR1)    (Best of Variety/FrozenFriends ’16). Really solid doe, slightly hollow in loin. Slower growth rate up front and caught up around 11 weeks. Muscular, great topline, shiny coat. Junco is out of my Bramble and Backyard Basic’s Raven (now deceased). Junco is the showgirl in my black line – really gorgeous and throws slick kits. A bit smaller than Marionberry’s line. *SOLD




Not shown: HM99. Broken black doe with the worst personality ever but decent enough conformation. Waiting for a litter out of her and Scotty before i move her along.

Up and Comers:

ACA “Flycatcher” *Best Opp Variety OLRCB Convention 2017 – sweetest personality ever in this lovely broken black doe. She carries blue and will be bred to Mr. Hat in June

ABA “Dewberry 1” Lovely broken black doe who carries blue and will be bred to Mr. Hat in July

BO2A “Mesquite 1” Solid black doe. She is for sale $50 and is headed to Canby show for comments.

In the barn:

We are working on blues! I currently have several litters of blue-carrying kits out of Sleepy Creek’s Ashes to Ashes and  SCF’s  “The Dude”.  I will pair Mr. Hat with the resultant kits from these first pairings to get blue expressing kits. I’m excited to get blue back in our barn after a several year hiatus.

I retain most kits until 10-12 weeks in order to assess the ‘picks of the litter’ and ensure that I sell only quality stock as breeders/ potential show animals.  I often have a waiting list for my animals, so please contact me to let me know what you’re looking for. *Deposit required to reserve rabbits.

Juniors available:

IMG_8353Now taking reservations for upcoming litters!  I do have a waiting list for rabbits.

Available soon (dob 3/11: Juniper/Dude (9), Marionberry/dude (5)     and kindled 4/12: Peony (8), Chickadee (6), Boysenberry (6) bred to Mr. Hat; Olive/Thorny (11), HM TweedleDee/Scotty (7)




Please contact me with inquiries on current litters. My website updating skills have been lacking, so email is the best place to get the best/ most current information!


Produce and Seasonal Herbs


We occasionally have surplus goodies growing on the farm. Currently we have:

Fresh Bay leaves: $5/ bunch

Fresh and dried Kaffir Lime leaves: AWESOME in Thai dishes, steamed rice or dried and ground with salt for a to-die-for seasoning salt: $5/packet

No Spray blackberry leaves, flowers and unripe berries: great for feeding to rabbits on hot days to cool them down!

Seasonal produce – find us at the Dallas Farmer’s Market every Thursday!


Delivery available to Dallas/Monmouth/Corvallis for $5 extra, delivery to areas as far as Portland $10 extra with $50 minimum order, free delivery to Philomath weekdays. Long term customers welcome/encouraged! Contact me to find out about current availability and/or place a reservation for fresh meat.
Meat is available frozen, fresh available by pre-order.  * Our (human grade) meat is processed at a USDA exempt processing facility and we are licensed retail meat sellers (License # AG-L1036241PPM). Prices subject to change without notice.















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  1. Jane Montgomery

    Hello, I would be interested in purchasing bones for bone broth. Please call or text me at 503-680-8866. I live in Monmouth. Thank you!

  2. Do you sell ducks? I live in Kings Valley and would like a couple layers for our family.
    Heather recently posted…DIY Pasture Shade / AKA ‘No More Fried Ducklings’

  3. Mark McAlpine

    Good afternoon! I was curious if you have a live fryer and a male/female breeder pair for sale.

  4. Mick

    I was told that Muscovy Ducks can be difficult to breed but you seem to be doing ok with them. Do you sell breeding ducks like you do with the rabbits and what is your success rate at breeding them?
    Mick recently posted…Top 10 Walk Behind Mowers for 2017

    • Hi Mick: sorry about the delay in response. My ducks breed well. Having more than one drake is useful. I like 1 drake per 4-5 ducks. I keep 2 per my 8 ducks. I do sell ducklings, but do not have adult breeding stock for sale at this time. I will have ducklings available in a month or two and will post availabiilty here.

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