Wordless Weekend

Still no word from the bank. Still in limbo. Still waiting.

A shot from earlier this summer. Still green. Now all is dry and brown. And i’m still wondering what to do with this odd structure.


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  1. Gina

    Isn’t it a chicken house? My grandmother’s had a hole in the side like that for them to get in and out. You going to raise chickens? Pocket could herd them.

    • Hi Gina –
      i think it is a chicken house… but it’s really oddly shaped. tall and skinny. makes no sense to me. we plan on tractoring our chickens – having an ‘egg mobile’ type situation for the hens and broiler pens for the meat chickens. We might build them a stationary coop, but this one just isn’t what i have in mind. I”m thinking it might be a good garden shed if added on to the other side.
      We had chickens in Austin. Pocket was raised with them. Chickens do not, however herd – but she did have fun taking dust baths with them.
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