Walk in the Wild

The hubs and myself FINALLY got our much sought after 2 day weekend off together to go camping, and what a glorious trip it turned out to be. Overcast with patches of sun, a morning shower signalling the entrance of Autumn, and a long trail through one of Oregon’s wild places: the scene was set for joy.

We camped at Fisherman’s Bend Recreation Area along the North Santiam river: this was not “roughing it.” There were showers (that we did not use) and well groomed tent pads. Our site was right on the water and we enjoyed strolling along the river and throwing lures into the water to be mocked by passing fish. I made some firestarters before we left out of melted crayons and egg cartons, so we ate by the fire and had a grand old time just being outside.

Before heading home, we winded our way up a small mountain road to the Opal Creek Wilderness are for a 7 mile hike through old Cascade oldgrowth. It was mossy, viney, full of oxygen and beautiful. We couldn’t have chosen a nicer spot for a long stroll, and may come back next Summer to camp right on the grown, right under ancient trees.

What a wonderful taste of Summer and Fall in one weekend, and a great time to be together with my little family for a few days in a row with nothing to do but relax and enjoy our surroundings. What a joy it is to live in Oregon!

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