Use That Old Spice Rack: Display Your Collection

I love spice racks. I cannot NOT buy old spice racks when i find them at the thrift store. And yet: i keep my spices in a cabinet and have no real need for a spice rack….. for spices. In lieu of quitting my addiction, i simply found an alternative use for all those vintage, retro and elegant spice racks that have accumulated in my home. Enter my other addiction: tiny, vintage figurines!

Up-cycle your old spice rack

Spice racks are the PERFECT size for displaying small figurines and even more perfect for displaying Fiber Friends Nubbins. Perhaps you’re a little obsessed with these adorable felt critters and want to amass your own collection (please, do!) but aren’t sure how to display them. Head to your favorite thrift store or grandma’s closet and you’re sure to find some unused spice racks looking for homes. Give them a little cleaning, hang on a wall you enjoy looking at and voila: display shelves!

Display your Fiber Friends collection

Check out the Fiber Friends holiday shop to find corgis, beagles, labs and more garbed in seasonal finery from shamrocks or bunny ears to scarves and Santa hats or order custom Nubbins to match your favorite fur-babies and make your collection complete!


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