Un-Paper Towels – An Excellent Alternative For Waste-Conscious Housekeeping

Do you love the convenience and absorption of paper towels but kind of hate yourself for throwing away all those shredded tree products? Yeah, me too. For years i wouldn’t even allow paper towels into my home, deeming them far too wasteful for me. But then i got a puppy. Paper towels are really great when you’re potty training a puppy. (Who wants pee and other nasty things on their kitchen sponge or dish towels? Not me.)

So, what is an earth conscious, frugal guy or gal to do? Have you heard about unpaper towels? I hadn’t until recently and about flipped when i discovered these gorgeous linens while favoriting things on Etsy. Be sure and keep reading to find out how you could win a full set of 1 dozen “un-paper towels.” Yep – this is a GIVEAWAY POST!

I love supporting fellow Etsy crafters and lady entrepreneurs, so i was super stoked when Carmen of Natural Linens agreed to host a giveaway with me. I received a lovely set of 12 towels and have been putting them through their paces while we move in and clean up this crazy farmhouse. (Disclaimer: I did receive some free goodies, but was under no obligation to review them favorably. The following review is my candid opinion.) So far, i LOVE them!

The towels are amazingly absorbent and can really sop up a lot of liquid. They’re perfect for drying dishes or the counter after washing with a sponge. They’re also a great substitute for cloth napkins (and even tissues) – something that CAN’T be said for “regular” paper towels. I love the natural off-white color, and since they’re 100% cotton you could always dye them with some beet juice, coffee or other dyestuff to add a little color if that’s your preference.

The only thing i don’t love about these unpaper towels is storing them. I like my bamboo paper towel holder. It’s really cool. It does not work for towels sans-roll. I’ve been draping them over my kitchen curtain rod – which works but isn’t ideal. Keeping them in a jar or box might work, or in the napkin drawer. I’m still working on that solution. Also – these towels are cotton, so if you wash them on hot to get the coconut oil out (like i did) and toss them in the dryer afterwards: expect them to shrink. They’re still just as absorbent, especially if you skip the fabric softener.

Giveaway rules time! Natural Linens is generously offering a set of 12 Organic Cotton Birdseye Unpaper towels (a $14.00 value!) and you want to be the winner. Here’s how:

1. Check out Natural Linens’ online boutique OR Etsy shop and check out all their great products from reusable tea bags to hankerchiefs and more. Choose a favorite item and comment on this post with a link to that item and a comment about why you’d love to put it on your wishlist.

2. Like Natural Linens and/or Pocket Pause on Facebook and share this post on your own timeline. Comment on this post letting us know that you liked and shared (3 potential entries!).

That’s it! Be sure to:

  • Leave one comment for each entry to be sure you get the best chances to win (versus one comment describing all ways you entered).
  • Only comment with your entries. (Please do not comment on this post if you have not entered the giveaway. This is the one post i don’t want normal ‘friendly banter’ comments)
  • Each person may comment up to 4 times (1 comment per entry).

The giveaway will be open for one week and a winner will be chosen next Tuesday evening. I will be using a random number generator to choose from the comments below to pick my winner! If you don’t win, i hope you will consider making a purchase from Natural Linens: they’re products are of great quality and the service is superb.

Happy entering!



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59 Responses to Un-Paper Towels – An Excellent Alternative For Waste-Conscious Housekeeping

  1. OOH! Fun! I’ve not bought paper towels in about 3 years now… we’ve been working through a pack of cotton “shop towels” from Sam’s Club. They aren’t always the most absorbent thing and they do get especially ratty after a bit so these would make fine work taking their place!

    I love all of the goodies she has on her site, but those reusable tea bags are fantastic. I have to get me some of those! I also liked your FB page and Natural Linens as well! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)
    Cortney recently posted…The tomatoes have been evicted.

  2. Amy M.

    My fave is the variety pack with the tea bags.

  3. Mary Ann E. Shields

    There the best ever, and your not throwing away $, wash and reuse! Love them!

  4. My family would like me to have some of these. We have paper towels but we only use them for stuff like cat vomit. I have my children so trained that they almost have heart attacks when people come over and grab a paper towel and use a little corner and throw it away! They have grabbed it out and told people that it wasn’t used enough to be thrown away. We use towels that I got for my wedding…20 years ago! LOL They are ugly but they do the job. These would look much nicer and prettier in my kitchen and make my family happier.
    Alisha Hauser recently posted…Blueberry Picking and Jo Jo the Bunny

  5. Karen T

    I have one of her reusable tea bags and just love it…and excitedly waiting to try more of her products.

  6. Karen T

    I like Natural Linens on facebook

  7. I like Natural linens on Facebook.

  8. Ruth

    The tea bags look great for homemade combinations with individual servings!

  9. Kristin Fish

    I’d love some of their handkerchiefs http://www.etsy.com/listing/86931174/unbleached-cotton-muslin-natural because I think cutting tissues is one of our next steps in decreasing our disposable paper product usage.

  10. Margaret D

    I really like the coffee filters. My next choice is the handkerchiefs.

  11. Margaret D

    I have liked Natural Linens on FaceBook for a while now.

  12. Margaret D

    I now like Pocket Pause on FaceBook.

  13. I liked you on facebook!

  14. I also shared your post on Facebook (someone already “liked” it!).
    Rosalyn recently posted…Still living, still hopefully homesteading, not writing a whole lot…

  15. And… I think all the Natural Linens products are nice. They are all simple, lovely, and earth-friendly. Personally I think that I would most appreciate the un-paper towels, but the reusable coffee filters look pretty awesome too!
    Rosalyn recently posted…Still living, still hopefully homesteading, not writing a whole lot…

  16. I liked Pocket Pause on Facebook and shared this post!
    Sheryl @ Flowery Prose recently posted…Carrot greens – yay or nay?

  17. I liked Natural Linens on Facebook.
    Sheryl @ Flowery Prose recently posted…Carrot greens – yay or nay?

  18. Iwould love one of these sample packs, so I could try it all..oooh or or…hankies for me and my son…hmmm so many nice choices :)
    Tamra recently posted…Throwing The Tissue Box In

  19. I liked pocket pause, and natural linens on fb and shared the post :)
    Tamra recently posted…Throwing The Tissue Box In

  20. Rebecca

    I like the brass or fire edges on the un-paper towels. I also adore the ruffled hand towels.

  21. Rebecca

    I like Natural Linens on FB :)

  22. Rebecca

    I shared this post on FB :)

  23. Alicia

    I’d love the blue ticking napkins!

  24. Alicia

    And I like you on FB

  25. I love the mini snack bags! I’m always giving one of my littles something to snack on and these are way better than plastic baggies!

  26. I liked Natural linens and shared about the giveaway :)

  27. I’m actually most excited about the unpaper towels:


    We always have the argument at my house because I can’t live without paper towels but my husband doesn’t want to buy them because they’re not eco-friendly. I agree with him but it’s hard to give them up!

  28. Ellen Andersen

    Very cool! I do use paper towels, but they are %100 recycled ones. These towels look wonderful and would love to get some.

  29. Great giveaway. The organic birdseye cotton unpaper towels would be my first choice too –
    Thanks for the chance!

  30. Lorraine C

    I use too many paper towels. The unpaper towels look like they would be great – http://www.etsy.com/listing/92388584/unpaper-towel-organic-birdseye-cotton

  31. Lorraine C

    I like Natural Linens on FB

  32. Lorraine C

    I like Pocket Pause on FB

  33. Lorraine C

    I shared this post on FB

  34. Oh wow, I am absolutely in love with Carmen’s photos! Forget wish list, more like must have!

    I drink tea about two or three times a day, So the reusable teabags will be just perfect for me. Also, I still use regular paper towels, Winning this would be a great start in living a more green life.

  35. I just liked Natural Linens on Facebook as Valentina Hux

  36. Just liked Pocket Pause on Facebook

  37. Jennifer R.

    Wow, what a great idea. I’m trying to wean my husband from paper towels onto cloth alternatives, so this might just be the ticket!!
    He’s also a loose tea drinker, so I would add the cloth tea bags to my wish list as a gift to him! http://www.etsy.com/listing/99744767/reusable-organic-tea-bags-eco-friendly?

  38. I would love to have these sandwich bags: http://www.etsy.com/listing/99762074/reusable-eco-friendly-snack-sandwich-bag

    or the coffee filters or tea bags. I would use them all!
    Melissa recently posted…Our First Oregon Christmas

  39. I follow Pocket Pause on FB
    Melissa recently posted…Our First Oregon Christmas

  40. angie h

    My favorite product is the unpaper towels! I use all cloth napkins, but it would be handy to have these for quick clean ups!

  41. angie h

    I liked NaturalLinens on fb!

  42. angie h

    I liked Pocket Pause on fb!

  43. angie h

    I liked and shared on fb!

    And here is the link I forgot to post in my other entry :) http://www.etsy.com/listing/92388584/unpaper-towel-organic-birdseye-cotton?

  44. Michelle

    This is wonderful! I want stop using paper towels. This seems like a great replacement. Thanks

    Oh, I already like natural lines on fb.

  45. I already like Natural linens on FB so I just shared this giveaway!
    Peggy recently posted…Creative stitching….

  46. I have been an admirer of this company for awhile, but haven’t been able to purchase anything yet. I absolutely LOVE the red ticking ruffled towels!! http://www.etsy.com/listing/84714904/ruffled-red-ticking-dish-towels-hand?

  47. I am a fan of Natural Linens on Facebook:)
    Beth recently posted…Our Household is taking a Techno-break!

  48. I now like Pocket Pause on Facebook :)
    Beth recently posted…Our Household is taking a Techno-break!

  49. Aejin H

    I’d love to put Reusable Un paper Eco Friendly Towels — Organic Birdseye Unbleached Cotton on my wishlist. http://www.etsy.com/listing/107431116/reusable-un-paper-eco-friendly-towels?

  50. Aejin H

    I like Natural Linens and Pocket Pause on Facebook.

  51. Joanne

    Ideas for storing your un-paper-towels….stuff them in an empty tissue box, stuff them into a small bag holder (with the top open but the bottom has elastic encasing the opening. Roll them around each other and stuff them down into a big utensil holder. Just pull from the centre. HTH

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