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Raising Pastured Chickens for Meat: Part 3 (Harvest)

*** WARNING – THIS POST INCLUDES GRAPHIC  IMAGES OF BLOOD AND DEPICTIONS OF ANIMAL SLAUGHTER *** It’s 12.5 weeks after we brought our tiny balls of fluff home from the hatchery, our freezer is now stocked with a year’s supply … Continue reading


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Chicken Update: Eggs!

We brought home our little chicks on April 6th, and 18 perfect weeks later we got our very first, tiny, white Leghorn egg! Everyone is laying well, in fact. The heat has subsided, we switched back to layer feed from … Continue reading


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Poultry Pirates

Ducks and chickens, living together…. in harmony? There may be mutiny in their midst and i’m pretty sure that scallawag of a Leghorn cock, Marcel has it coming to him this weekend. He’s been harassing my ducklings and i won’t … Continue reading


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