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How To Braid Garlic (Illustrated Step by Step)

You carefully planted your garlic last fall. You cared for it all spring: watching its water, fertilizing a few times, weeding the patch well. Sometime around July you harvested a bundle of gorgeous bulbs and dutifully hung or laid them … Continue reading

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Giveaway from Ball Canning – Preserve the Season!

As promised – Fiber Friends is taking a back seat to Birdsong Farm this Friday and we’re stoked to offer an amazing set of canning supplies to one lucky reader! Thanks so much to Ball for hosting this wonderful giveaway … Continue reading


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We Picked a Peck o’ Plums!

Remember those mystery fruits? I tend to agree with those of you who commented: they’re plums! Small plums, but delicious nonetheless. I have since harvested FIFTEEN POUNDS of them in my fridge that await jamming tomorrow, but first i dehydrated … Continue reading


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