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How to Boil An Egg – To Perfection

“She can’t even boil an egg” may be a phrase for the cooking-challenged, but in reality the perfect hard boiled egg is not necessarily a given. Even the savviest cook can end up with runny yolks, green yolks or an … Continue reading


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PICKLED Eggs? Yes, Please!

If you have never tried a pickled egg, you are most likely seriously skeptical about this post; i know i was when i learned my first egg pickling recipe. Let me tell you, though: if you like boiled eggs and … Continue reading


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Egg Salad

It’s the week after Easter, which means many of us have a lot of boiled eggs needing to be used up.I love egg salad at all times of year, so now is the perfect excuse to whip up a batch. … Continue reading

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