New Series: Wordless Weekend

So, after last Saturday’s post about houses, i thought it might be fun if i used the weekends, when i’m normally blog-silent, to post updates on our house and homestead search.

As a re-cap: My hubs and i have had an offer on a 17 acre property in Kings Valley since late May. It’s a short sale. It’s frustrating. We just wanna move in already! There are of course some major caviats to the property: siding that hasn’t been treated in 10 years, fencing that needs to be repaired or put in for the first time, questionable water access, etc. It’s huge. It’s retro. It’s awesome…. if you can see past the years and dollars of work we need to do to it. And it may not even become ours, but we imagine and hope that it will.

Apparently there are still a few “tenants” residing in hidden drawers…. gross.

We re-visited the house with our realtor yesterday and got the power turned on. The place looked much nicer with lights on! We even discovered some more awesome, vintage linoleum. This property has dug itself into our hearts, so we hope we get it. Unless the well test pans out bad, in which case we’ll be starting from square one all over again.

In the future these posts will be mostly wordless with updates on our homesteading progress. For now: here it is. A clean slate. Ready for someone to give it some love.

Will that someone be me?

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