Natural Flea/Tick/Mosquito Prevention

As you know, we love our corgi here at Pocket Pause. Heck, i named this blog after her. We feed her a raw diet, wash her with my natural soap, give her homemade and grain free treats, and are pretty strict with her training regimen.  Yet on the first of every month, we empty a vial of insecticidal poison onto the back of her neck in order to ward off fleas. We even refer to this stuff as “the poison” and take pains not to hug her closely for the first 2 days after application. If we’re so freaked out about getting it on out skin, why are we so cool with slathering it all over her body???  I dunno!

Actually, i do know. I’m terrified of fleas.

Run! Run from the fleas!

I once lived in a shared house. I lived down the hall from a room that once housed a gal and her hound, who was not on flea medication. In Savannah, Georgia. In a house surrounded by feral cats. You get the idea. I was quickly the new favorite housing project and buffet for all those lonely, now dogless fleas. It took 4 or 5 trips from the exterminator and many itchy bites before we got rid of those fleas. I’m no longer willing to take chances.

Does my fear of fleas make it okay to slather poison all over my fur baby once a month? I think not. I posted over at Bathtime last week with some facts about why those “poisons” can be really bad for your pet, research, and ideas for a new, natural alternative in my mission to repel fleas. Check it out, if you missed it.  What i came up with is an oil based concoction of mixed essential oils, chosen for their flea, tick and mosquito repelling attributes. I’ll be able to use this oil on Pocket as a spot treatment, just like that Frontline stuff, as well as hike-specific repellant. Since no poisons are involved, i’ll also be able to use this stuff on us skin-folks. I plan on mixing up a thicker balm, mixed with beeswax and coconut oil that we can bring about with us when we travel. Since i make soap, i order essential oils in bulk and have a large arsenal on my hands. Buying in bulk is much cheaper than picking up small portions at the health food store, but you CAN find most of these oils locally if you search. * If you’re interested in ordering larger quantities online, i’ve posted my favorite suppliers on the “resources” page.

Pocket’s Bug-B-Gone (makes 2 oz)

  • 1 oz carrier oil (i use jojoba, though international supplies of this oil are limited. Choose an oil with a long shelf life. Hemp would be a good option)
  • 3 ml Cedarwood Essential Oil (not juniperus)
  • 2 ml Clove Essential Oil
  • 2 ml Peppermint Essential Oil
  • .5 ml Rosemary Essential Oil
  • 3 ml Lemongrass Essential Oil
  • 2 ml Citronella Essential Oil
  • 3 ml Lavender Essential Oil (not grosso)  * More about the essential oils i chose at Bathtime

I used a baby dropper to measure out the essential oils carefully. You could also use a skinny syringe. Be prudent about rinsing out the dropper between oils as you don’t want to contaminate the other bottles of essential oil. Also be sure to wash your hands well after handling straight essential oils. They can do some crazy things in your body when applied straight! Shake this solution well each time you apply and try to find a jar with a dropper or use one of those stoppers that only lets a drop pass through the rim at a time. Store the jar out of direct sunlight, but not in the fridge or it will be impossible to get out. You can alternatively store in a wide mouth, 4 oz mason jar and blend your oils with melted coconut oil then store it all in the fridge which will keep it solid. This balm would be better for rubbing in your hands then onto your dog. I like the idea of having the dropper and applying the oil directly to her neck every 2 weeks or so, to be absorbed into her body for long term pest repellent.

I will post our observations in a few weeks and let you all know how it works out!

How do you feel about heartworm/flea prevention in pets? How about vaccination? I want to hear everyone’s thoughts on these potentially contraversial topics. Bring it on!

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14 Responses to Natural Flea/Tick/Mosquito Prevention

  1. Teg2345

    I live in Florida so have YEAR ROUND fleas/mosquitoes. I USED to be like everyone else, until I thought to myself, “Do I have poison in my blood so if a flea or mosquito gets me, it dies? I searched the net and all the information was there. Most of my pet owner friends thought I was mad. I wasn’t, I was EDUCATED.
    I read articles from Dr Karen Baker, Susan Thixon and GOOGLED ‘NATURAL flea/heartworm protection” and now, I am proud to say, DO NOT poison my dogs, just for the convenience of not having fleas. From cedar oil, to dietomaceous earth, lavender-tea tree oil, lemon and rosemary sprays, garlic in their food and viligence in checking them, so far so good. I clear out water in the yard, keep them in after sunset and do everything to PREVENT the cause. They are worth my time and effort. Eliminated COMMERCIAL dog food. RAW is best but so expensive, dehydrated raw and even ‘human grade’ canned is out of reach for some people so I order from a local organic farm, ground beef and chicken with bones. Yes, I cook it slowley, then add kale, carrots, pumpkin, garlic, parsley, nori, apple cider vinegar and swet potato. Yes, it takes time. So do VET VISITS. Just like for people, our FOOD is our MEDICINE and our MEDICINE is our good.” Hippocrates
    I DO NOT give HEARTWORM meds as I researched and found these dangerous meds DO NOT prevent heartworms! I have a SNAP 4DX test and stool sample done every 6 months.
    VACCINATIONS, NO WAY! FEAT and GUILT push people to do this to themselves and their pets. The research is out there…don’t do it! I almost lost my little 7 lb Maltese, Zoe, due to a RABIES shot. WHY? It’s about PROFIT, not health. Logically, just didn’t make sense but it is the LAW! So come arrest me, she’s not getting the next one in 3 years.
    RESEARCH the net and find the information people…please. Don’t be a ‘sheeple’ and follow the ads. FLU SHOTS are for PROFIT. They do NOT PREVENT the flu. If I had it to do all over again, my children would NOT be vaccinated. Look at what is happening to parents who chose NOT to vaccinate! It’s scary. Same for our PETS.
    EDUCATE yourself, take time for your PET and for yourself. DOG FOOD is PROCESSED FOOD and it’s cheap for a reason. Don’t be intimidated when the Vet asks if your dog is getting ALL THEIR VITAMINS in homemade food.   REAL FOOD has NATURAL vitamins, not synthetic.
    We owe it to ourselves and PETS to give them the THEY give us.
    Think you can’t AFFORD REAL FOOD? You can’t afford VET BILLS. Don’t let your PET PAY THE PRICE for convenience.

    • MirandaRommel

      Hello, reader.
      I considered deleting this post due to its aggressive stand point, but have decided to leave it in place.

      I would ask you this: read this blog. Know who you’re preaching to. Are you preaching to me, or my readers? Although i do get our dog, Pocket vaccinated, i feed her ‘real’ food. I don’t feed her ‘human food’ like you: cooked meat and vegetable off the bone. I feed her whole animals, parts of animals, raw meaty bones from locally slaughtered and butchered (generally by me) animals. I supplement with homemade treats similar to the food you described, as well as a few processed ‘cookies’ that are grain free and limited ingredient/no preservatives.
      I agree with you whole heartedly that real food is real medicine and that we should take more time in caring for our pets and children, feedling them real food, and nourishing them naturally.
      I dislike your attitude, however and will delete any further posts from you that contain this aggressive, argumentative tone.
      Please read my blog, provide real feedback to its CONTENT not your agenda, and be a part of our online community – not an agressor towards it.

      Miranda & Pocket

      • Marycharles Meserve

        While a good deal of what “reader” says is true about the motive for so many vaccines now days, in preaching to the choir, he/she has overlooked the necessity of some of those vaccines and treatments—like rabies.  AS for some of the “facts” produced—not fact at all.  The mosquitos don’t die because we have poisons in our blood—it is because the injection of their anticoagulant into our blood stream is the penultimate act to the one that ends their very brief lives…a more dispassionate tone would have been appropriate for his venue….

    • kenedi


      A small comment on your post, in your dog food recipe you list garlic. Garlic is dangerous for dogs to digest, as is onions, chocolate, grapes and quite a few others. Some of these can be fatal.

      That’s it just something to think about.


      • In actuality, the amount of the toxin present in garlic, that is the same as that in onions, is insignificant, especially after dehydrating. I wouldn’t feed a dog chunks of raw garlic, but the benefits of adding a smamll amount of dehydrated garlic outweigh the risk. Garlic has MUCH lower amounts than onions.

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  4. Hi I just read the conversation listed. I would like to add I agree with you concern for the tone in the reader’s comment. I truly feel she was being really passionate about sharing some incite to several continous problems. We as humans are being told everyday the results of a new study with a negative result. For instance, just heard about the arsenic in rice! WOW! Didn’t see that coming…I just bought a 10# bag from our co-op!?! We have arsenic in the rice, pcb’s in the water, mecury in the fish and growth hormones in the meat!!! So what do we do now…I have had animals that were vegan pups…that’s fun…not! Trying to feed our families and our companions is getting more challenging. thanx for your blog and the information it shares with us.

  5. I was just wondering what was the outcome of your trial on this mixture at helping with fleas? Ticks?? I do not see a follow up and I am interested in your results. Thanks for your help 😉

  6. Alisha

    Hi, ran into your post when searching pinterest for a natural solution to flea control. Thank you for posting it, I’d also love to hear how this formula worked. I work in a pet store, so buying chemical that works is easy… Making something that isn’t chemical and works is tricky. I hope you found that this actually prevented, without bathing often and applying other remedies to Pocket.

  7. I noticed recently that my cat has started scratching more than he usually does, so I’m thinking that he may have fleas. I’ve been looking for a good way to help rid him a fleas and help prevent against contracting them again, and the suggestion you made to do research will certainly help me make sure that I find him the best flea control for his situation.

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  9. Thanks for this great informative article. Fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, these are the most bothersome creatures on this planet. They bite, make us itchy, and they spread disease. But toxic chemical-laden products are hardly an ideal solution.

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