Homestead Update: Sweeping, Chopping and Getting Manly

This week’s homestead update is a big “hoorah” for my husband! My Houstonian city-boy has spent the last 2+ years letting Oregon slowly sink into his bones one hike or mushroom foraging trip at a time. But now: he’s a real-life Oregonian farmer! Let’s hear it for my manly man!

Never ending field of Scotch Broom? You’re no match for us!



Giant 80+ year old tree in the lawn? Watch out – you’re gonna get split into bits!

And your limbs are going to go up in flames (on burn approved days only, of course)!

Life is pretty good out here on the farm, i must say. Sure beats the Houston traffic, don’t you think? And if all that hard work isn’t enough – we have a waterfall to go relax by and stick our toes in while enjoying delicious locally crafted beers. Yep – life is GOOD.

I’m so proud of my husband! He’s a real trooper and the best friend a gal could have. <3

What does your husband or wife do (for you the family or around the house) that makes you the most proud?


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2 Responses to Homestead Update: Sweeping, Chopping and Getting Manly

  1. Joy Giles

    Nice work. Looks go good and such a vision of beauty.

  2. Um.. awesome! So it is possible to do a complete transformation from city boy to homesteader? I’ve driven in Houston, and if someone from that urban enormity can do it, my little Charlottetonian should be able to. :) Congrats on all the hard work that was accomplished!
    Rosalyn recently posted…Seed order came today!

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