Homestead Update: NEW ROOF

I’ve been alluding to a recent “large project” and here it is! No more disgusting, moss ridden, droopy tile roof, sans gutters with water splashing all over the ruined siding – we’re all 35 year asphalt and gutters, baby!

AWESOME, right??? Especially awesome is the other side of the house where the eaves were majorly drooping. No more saggy eaves for us!

Also, the chimney ‘box’ was totally rotten, so they ripped off a bunch exposing the stove pipe. I quite like the look and we plan on adding ‘stone work’ when we re-do the siding. I’ll also paint the ‘corbola’ triangle bracey t hings on this side white to match teh trim. Can you picture it? Dusty blue house with white trim? It’s going to be so lovely….. some day. For now it is at least DRY!


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  1. Hey Pocket Pause,
    Thanks for sharing the update and photos from your new roof project. Looks like your covering is in much better shape and as you say – keeping you dry!

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  3. Looks great! I think getting rid of the chimney box was a good move, the new pole looks so much better to deal with.

  4. This house update images look nice. Especially I like the other side of the house where the eaves were majorly drooping. No more saggy leaves at all.

  5. It’s good to know more about hiring a roofing company. We need to hire one because our shingles have started losing granules, and they look kind of bald now.

  6. Great Blog! I enjoyed reading it till the end, It’s been awhile since I let professionals to check my Roof I will make sure to hire someone trustworthy.

  7. Wow, You made your blog update an amazing one. I should take your ideas on the homestead. I need it badly.

  8. I would also add that there is value in hiring an appraiser with a good reputation prior to completing expensive improvements. We just had our home appraised for a HELOC, and it appraised for more than the assessed value – and it needs some improvements. If we made the improvements before the appraisal, I’m convinced the money would have gone down the drain.

  9. I love the design of the houses. You made it interesting to the eye of the viewers. Good job! Are you open to a new project?

  10. Your house turn much beautiful after the renovation! it’s a great idea you re-roof your home. Congrats!

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