Homestead Update: More New Windows

The house got a major facelift last week – we finally replaced the upstairs windows!

We’ve been working mostly on barn, interior, or farmy type upgrades lately, so it’s especially nice to see some positive changes happening to the outside of the house. Bumped up on the to-do list now is painting the window trim…. Can you imagine how NICE that is going to look? Ack, i’m so excited. Never mind the disgusting, rotting, termite infested SIDING that we need to replace –  all in good time.

The most exciting thing about the new windows is that i got a physically NEW window in my studio – as in a new hole cut in and a new view revealed. I’m now sitting at my workspace, looking out at the pasture and watching the chickens and ducks mingle and eat all day long. It does not get better than this. Actually it does: my workspace now has NATURAL LIGHT – just a little important for a working artist. 😉 I took advantage of the major mess and moved furniture and cleaned and organized my studio. I’ve always worked best in a freshly organized space, yet am terrible at keeping up the tidiness. Let’s hope i’ve set myself up for success by installing new shelves, a coat rack and delineated spaces for all my activities.

Bring on the productivity!  I may be stuck indoors most of the day, but now i get to observe my flock and surroundings, which is almost as good as getting dirty in them. Thanks again to Discount Windows for affordable installation and Consumer’s Power for such a GREAT rebate program!

Are you more productive if you take the time to clean up your surroundings? Or do you thrive in clutter?

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