Happy Holidays from Birdsong Farm – Blooper Reel

We took some family photos yesterday in front of our big pasture Christmas tree. Overall, it went pretty well and we got a few stellar shots to choose from for our New Year card we hope to send out later. We also got some really silly outtakes. Cats do not enjoy wearing scarves, y’all. And corgis aren’t totally stoked about cute hats, either. I’m not the biggest fan of setting the camera and sprinting into position but we all have our roles to fill!

Pocket was glad the humiliation was over.

Holidays are gearing up here: we harvested our tree from a family tree farm 5 miles away, got the lights up on the house last weekend and have started the endless Christmas carol loop on our Pandora stations. I only have 2 more holiday orders to fill and then it’s FAMILY TIME!

Do you enjoy getting ‘festive’ for the holidays?

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