Fiber Fridays: Field Trip!

Our friends at Blakesley Creek Farm have a new blog! Here’s a preview of their recent post:

 What would it be like to have thirty-one 1st graders on a small farm?

…well… it’d be awesome!
A couple of weeks ago we had some visitors to Blakesley Creek Farm; thirty-one 1st graders from Philomath Elementary School and a hand full of parents. Now there are three rules on Blakesley Creek Farm when it comes to visitors: 1. Don’t chase the animals. 2. Stay with an adult. and 3…well now I can’t remember #3. I’ll get back to that.
First we visited the sheep and the kids got to feed them by hand. It tickles.

Then we walked across the dirt road to look at the horses. Later on the class split up into small groups and some of the kids got a closer look at them. Next, hand washing and lunch. …the best part of the day. :) We sat in front of the house, with small groups of kids and parents at the picnic table, sitting bench, and an “at capacity” group on the hammock. The strings eventually snapped on one side, gently plopping them to the ground. The dogs took particular interest in low-to-the-ground sandwiches, but were for the most part well-behaved.

After lunch we walked down to the chicken coop. This is where rule #1 is most important as chickens… and especially peacocks don’t like to be chased. The kids were very excited by all the fast-moving birds and only a minimal amount of chasing occurred. Two of the peacocks got out and quickly flew up into the trees. The kids picked up loose feathers and fed the chickens carrot and apple pieces along with their feed. Our chicks and baby turkeys were still quite small, even though now most of the turkeys are gone due to hungry rats and a couple drownings.

Find out what else was in store for this group of student’s field trip at Blakesley Creek farm: read the rest of the post their brand new blog and be sure to subscribe to their posts to stay in touch with this fiber and egg producing local farm.


This week’s featured fiber friend is an oldie but a goodie. I just love this little tri-color and it makes me sad to keep him in a box, SO he’s back for an appearance at Pocket Pause!

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Have a great weekend!

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