Fiber Friday: The Around the Block Fiber Arts Stroll

Yay, Sisters, Oregon! You are high, dry, close to my own sister’s house in Bend (with many locations to drink delicious beer) and the host to the largest outdoor quilt show in THE WORLD. You know how to put on a Fiber festival! I was super happy to be invited to be a part of this year’s Fiber Arts Stroll in downtown Sisters and Pocket and i had a great time meeting new folks, demonstrating the felting process and chatting about wool, art and of course: corgis. Sisters is also a super dog friendly town with water bowls everywhere and shops okay with dogs inside. Corvallis could learn a thing or two!

Dear Pocket was a little overtired from our evening spent out on the town watching lawn games and sipping beer at assorted Bend pubs, so i must admit she was a tad big woofy and even snarled at a passing terrier. Bad dog. But she also invited plenty of humans to our booth and got to meet some of my favorite customers and corgi rescue enthusiasts, Lisa and Ann. (Lisa commissioned Ann’s dogs Rio and Tippet for a Christmas present for her friend.) Lisa and i talked quite a bit about corgi rescue and what ‘baggage’ a corgi might show up with….. i must admit: i think we might go for a rescue next time! Not for a few years though.

Our booth was pretty pathetic, in my opinion. No signage to speak of, hardly any inventory (y’all are keeping me busy with custom orders!) and not even much soap to peddle as i’ve had no time to make new stock. Sheesh – there’s a trend here! Next year i hope to plan ahead a bit more, get some good signage together and have a proper looking display. Heck, maybe we’ll even enter a few more craft fairs. It was fun showing folks how the felting process works and a few people tried it out for themselves! All in all, it was a very fun weekend…. oh did i mention my clutch stopped workign while driving up the pass? Yeah, that was inconvenient but luckily (unluckily?) it’s happened to me before and i’ve learned how to “rpm match” shift sans-clutch. Not my favorite method of driving – but a gal’s gotta do what a gal’s gotta do.

We’d love to participate in some more craft fairs – do you know of any fun ones, holiday or otherwise? I don’t think we’re up to the big ones like renegade, but some small town events would be great fun!

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  1. Monroe/Alpine has one around Christmas time. I’ll let you know as soon as I know the dates.

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