Fiber Friday: Just Another Fiber Friends Photo Shoot

Part of my job as a freelance artist is photographing my work in order to share it with the world on the internet. I love my camera, but i hate my lightbox – it doesn’t exist. I constantly struggle with getting the right lighting and accurate color in my photos. So often the supreme cuteness of my little Friends is hidden by the bad photography.  Sometimes, you need a helper to capture the cuteness.

Enter: baby chick!

As part of a new series of families in time for Mother’s Day, i felted this little group of Barred Rock chickens. They’re so cute! I try to only incorporate animals we keep at the farm for my Fiber Friends and i’m feeling quite chicken-inspired of late. Stay tuned for families of Barnevelders, Wellsummers, Wyandottes and more!

I love all the helpers i have on the farm. They’re so good for business: muse, anatomical reference, and constant entertainment. Ah, just another day at work with adorable baby chickens and productive laying hens. This is the good life. :)

Who are your unique helpers around the house?


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  1. Mich

    Love the photo of the hens looking at the fibre hen & chicks.
    The main house help is my GSD Ella, the self appointed assistant chef who picks up bits from the floor and if she had her way would wash the dishes before they go into the dishwasher.
    Outside in the garden, Ziggy one of the farm cats likes to lie all over my seed beds/fleece/seedlings….and yesterday was spotted galloping up and down the inside of one of my mini fleece tunnels. Great.

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