Faces from the Fair

Hello from the Polk County fair! We headed up to Rickreal for a county fair just north of us this Summer. The Benton County fair is right down the road from us, but we went there last year and wanted to meet some folks near where we may be moving. My husband and i could barely contain ourselves around the goats, and quite enjoyed seeing all the swine, rabbits and poultry as well. We cannot WAIT to get goats, it’s kind of ridiculous. I mean look at these faces:

Seriously. I can’t take it. I love them SO much. Chickens and pigs are pretty cool, too:

That pig at the bottom is a Durock, one of the breeds we’ve considered raising. Cute. I just love pig noses, don’t you? County fairs are a great place to go to catch up with the locals, see old friends, meet new ones and see what sorts of critters folks in the area prefer to raise. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a sweet ventriloquist act while you’re there!

Do you attend your county fair? Are county fairs even a “thing” in your neck of the woods?

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  1. Gina

    I love goats. My 2 youngest are lactose intolerant. My middle one was the worst and she drank canned goat milk until we found a 4-H goat dairy. We paid $1 for a mayonnaise jar of goat milk and she met the goats at the fair. They were very special to her.

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