Building Bandit – A Fiber Friend Comes to Life!

I had so many fun orders this Christmas for custom pets from fluffy poodles to my favorite breed, Corgis – and i even got to work on a Cardigan AND a fluffy! I just love getting to see photos of all my clients’ beloved pets, and it’s even more special to create a custom pet that will be given as a gift. I’m afraid i may have spoiled a few surprises by posting photos of my favorite Friends to my facebook page… but now that the holiday is over, i can post photos at will! Here’s little Bandit:

I thought it might be fun to post some photos of how i make a Fiber Friend. The basic construction for every animal is the same: torso first, then legs – back then front, add a tail, then color,  head, ears and final details. Fluffy pets take about twice as long as smooth coated animals and complicated patterns take longer than plan black or gray animals. I think my favorite pattern of all is brindle, because it has so much variation i can really play with the mottling to create a realistic look. Here’s how i turn a few bits of  fluff into a finished Fiber Friend (hover over the photos for captions):

After i complete each friend i let it rest overnight for the wool to relax. I touch it up in the morning, package him with his own little label, gift note and gift-ready box, seal with the Fiber Friends special delivery stamp and it’s ready for its new home! Each friend takes 2-4 hours to complete, not counting the fun conversations i have with my customers to figure out the best pose and get great photos to work from. I love what i do! Speaking of, i’d better get back to work, i still have a waiting list to take care of!

Happy new year, everyone!


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