Best Baby Shower Gift EVER: Felt Animal Mobiles by Fiber Friends (FAQ)

Since taking my first custom order for a baby mobile last year, i knew i had found my calling. I mean, what is better than an adorable custom Fiber Friend? SEVERAL adorable Fiber Friends dancing in air!

I have been receiving many questions about my mobiles so i thought i’d put together this post to help explain the process and pricing structure.

Among all my products, mobiles are definitely in the highest price point and should be considered a family heirloom. Although an investment, there are options to help you get the most cuteness for your money and you can get an adorable mobile for as low as $120. I price my mobiles based on set component prices based on average studio time. All my Fiber Friends are a labor of love and some custom-matched pets take me over 4 hours to complete! I’ve set up this basic pricing structure to keep prices low for you and make estimating your cost easier for me. Upgrades, customization and adjustments are ALWAYS possible. No dream is too big! Here’s how to build your mobile:

IMG_5647Basic Mobile Prices:

  • Assembly with durable yarn and a swivel, including your choice of 5 ribbon colors over a wooden embroidery hoop (plain wood hoop also available) – $30.00
  • Decorative strands of 3-5 colorful felt balls – $15
  • Basic animals (sheep, birds etc): $30-75
  • Pet portraits (animals to match your own pet’s markings): $150- short coated pets, $175- fluffy pets
  • Shapes, toys and felt balls with appliqued designs: $10



The sky is the limit with what you can do! Perhaps you just want two dancing sheep and two strands of pretty felted balls (4 strands total) or maybe you want a larger mobile with a center strand, portraits of your two dogs with their favorite toys (5 strands total). Mobiles of every size and number of strands are available at your request. I do recommend that every strand that includes an animal is followed by a plain strand of pretty balls to help the mobile balance and spin freely. Contact me today to begin your order!


Commission a Fiber Friends mobile as a gift to a dear friend or for your own nursery: it is sure to be enjoyed to the max by mom, dad and baby alike! Note that our mobiles are not for play and should be hung far over baby’s crib to mesmerize and entice their young imaginations vs play in their mouths and curious fingers. Your new mobile will be enjoyed for years to come and can be easily cared for with occasional light dusting.

Fiber Friends loves animals and animal lovers. Our mobiles have been featured on, A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa and have received delightful praise from our customers:

IMG_4943I’m verklempt! Adorability quotient off charts! And am so pleased she’ll get it for her shower! – Colleen

I could not have been any happier with my Fiber Friends custom baby mobile! I had a vision on a baby gift for my friend and Miranda made it possible! And blew my expectations away. She LOVES IT!!! She cried when she opened it and said it was the most thoughtful gift anyone has ever given her :) – Amelia

Miranda is so easy to work with and really cares about making the exact mobile that you have in mind! She has an amazing attention to detail and worked very hard to match our little pup. She showed us progress reports along the way and finished the custom mobile MUCH quicker than we expected. The communication was great, and Miranda is great to work with. I would highly recommend anyone that’s thinking about getting a custom mobile made to contact her and ask for her ideas. You won’t be disappointed! Thanks Miranda! – Jon


If you’ve been looking for the perfect baby shower gift to blow your animal loving friend away, you’ve found it! Maybe you’ve gotten the bassinet but are still looking for that special touch to add to your own baby’s nursery? You’ve found it! PS – Pocket and I pride ourselves in delivering fantastic customer service with every single order, so you can expect an awesome product, personal service, and that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with supporting a small business. I can’t wait to start on your mobile!

Mobiles aren’t just for babies, either: decorate your home or office with a mobile of your favorite animals or pets!

If you could order YOUR dream mobile – what sort of animals would fly above your baby’s crib?



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  1. these felt mobiles are super adorable, I’ll be sure to pin these images on to pinterest. Thanks for the share!
    Miki recently posted…Pink And Zebra Baby Shower Theme!

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