Benson the Corgi – SPLOOT!

Those of us with Corgis are quite familiar with the word “sploot.” It’s the favorite position many of our pups choose to lay in, especially on a hot day on cool tiles. Folks unfamiliar with corgis often startle or giggle when seeing this unique position. It is rather silly, but also looks oddly comfortable. Introducing Benson the corgi posed in that classic sploot position. I’m quite proud of this one.

And despite the heat i was able to convince Pocket to come up from the cool first floor and do some modelling for me. :)

I’m really, truly pleased with how this little Fiber Friend turned out and honored at the response from Benson’s mom when seeing photos via email:

You should be proud of this little masterpiece!!! It’s the perfect match for the real Benson! You really need to give yourself a few pats on the back for┬ánot only your artistic┬ávision but also the ability to transfer that talent into creating a material object. – Jodi
I hope to post an update of Benson with real Benson in a few weeks if Jodi will humor me by taking some photos. I just love seeing ‘client appreciation’ photos and welcome them from everyone! If you’re a previous Fiber Friends customer and want your dog and Fiber Friend featured on our blog – post a comment below and i’ll contact you right away.


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5 Responses to Benson the Corgi – SPLOOT!

  1. Diane

    I LOVE this! Looks just like my Rowdyman that passed away a couple years ago.

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