Barn Renovations! Part 4: During, Again – First Side Finished!

This is the job that never ends…. it just goes on and on, my friends.

Despite the excessive amounts of time this project is taking, we have hit a milestone – first wall IS DONE! We still have to put on the cam locks to secure the door, but all the framing is framed, metal is up, trim secured and door is built, hung and sided. Bam.

** Helpful hint when working with sheet metal – have a hammer and sharp nail handy and ‘pre drill’ your screw holes by tapping the tip of the nail once where you want the screw to go. Screwing direction into the metal can be seriously frustrating. Also: be sure and wear eye protection to keep those peeper safe from flying sharp objects!

Now it’s on to the other side. The scary side. The rotten, ugly, ominous side. We got about a third of the re-framing done this past weekend but stupid Mr. Maple stump is in the way of the footer and thus prevents us from moving on. Never ending impetuses! I’ll be butchering turkeys all day next Sunday, so we’ll try and get as much metal up and framing framed on Saturday as we can.  I hope for a lot of progress, but am skeptical.


Another milestone: i have almost all my rabbit cages hung! I just need to add the buck cages to the end and then clean the heck up so that i can take a good picture that you can actually decipher, vs these ones. Trust me – it’s awesome. And i continue to promise that i will post a ‘how to’ on how i hung these rabbit cages in our barn using both on-hand and purchased materials. I’m still dealing with rabbit health issues and am awaiting test results back from the OSU diagnostic lab that i hope will shed some light on what’s going on.

The end is nearly in sight! And for now, i’ll just enjoy this shiny and secure end in all its glory. Not bad for a rotten, old barn, ay?


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2 Responses to Barn Renovations! Part 4: During, Again – First Side Finished!

  1. Progress! You’re making steady improvements every day. That’s awesome!

  2. Joy Giles

    Looks great.

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