Baby Shower Invitations Part 3 – The Blessing Banner

Okay, it’s time to unveil the finished product! If you’re just finding this post, you can find Part 1: the invitations and Part 2: the banners at their respective posts. By sending out an individual flag to each invited guest, i was able to put together a banner for my sister and her new son to shower them with love, long after the actual shower. I think she loved it:

Part 2 of this series was featured at the Eat Make Grow blog hop this week and I think Marigold‘s ideas for using this Blessing Banner project for a wedding guest book or other party keepsake are just great! To re-cap my inspiration, though: i was in charge of my sister’s baby shower invitations and wanted her to share in the joy of receiving all the best wishes and kinds notes along with the RSVP cards. Remember the scene in sleeping beauty when all the fairy Godmothers bestow the new babe with a blessing? I wanted this to be like that, sans the evil curse, of course.

It was such fun to see the guests look at the finished banner, find their flag and read the sentiments of others. I hope my sister does in fact hang this in the nursery, as i think my little nephew would enjoy reading the notes as he gets older. One important detail: i left one flag blank so that my sister and her husband could fill in their own blessing for their new bundle of joy.

Putting it all together.

I hand made my invitations, but you could easily use existing invitations and cut the ‘special instructions’ cards to fit into the rsvp envelope. Make the flags a half inch or so too long and fold that over when you staple it to the card, this allows the guest to only write in the “live” area and gives you room to have enough extra length under the binding. Here’s another look at the finished banner. Forgive the terrible lighting in my terrible apartment:

One note: i invited about 40 guests and received about 30 banners back. That number of flags, at the dimensions i cut, fit perfectly on one package of binding with a foot or so left over. If you have a larger guest list, consider making SEVERAL banners so that they don’t get too long. So, there you go! From RSVP to party decoration to permanent display in my nephew’s nursery:

PS: i also made her shower party favors that matched the invitations. My natural soap company and artistic skills come together for custom soap projects. Although not listed on my website yet, i DO take orders for custom soaps for parties of all sorts wrapped in personally designed packaging made just for you. Aren’t they cute:

I hope this idea inspires you and i’d love to hear what sort of occasion you’d use this project for. Birthday party? Wedding? First communion?


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  2. Gina

    Love the banner. Wish I had that idea for a friend’s daughter’s wedding, but it’s too late.
    As for blackberries, you are new to the Northwest. They are everywhere and I just don’t pick anywhere they may have been sprayed. (They aren’t allowed in our yard or they would take over!)

  3. Miranda, I am wondering if you would allow me to add your Fiber Friends picture to the blog. I think they are so adorable and may bring you some business.

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