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We’re Getting Ready for the Around The Block Fiber Arts Stroll

4th of July weekend. Beautiful Sisters, Oregon. Weaving, spinning, felting and more: It’s the “Around the Block Fiber Arts Stroll” part of the biggest quilt show in the country.¬† Head on out to central Oregon next weekend and enjoy all … Continue reading

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Prevent Duckling Drownings – Easy DIY Duckling Ramp

Ducks! They LOVE water and are a joy to watch floating, splashing and bathing¬† in a pond or kiddy pool. But sadly, ducklings can easily drown.¬† Ducklings ARE born quite buoyant and float easily, but they are tiny and can … Continue reading


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Farm Gates

When one constructs a fence, one must provide access through said fence. A good garden/farm gate is sturdy, large enough for people or vehicles to pass through, opens/closes easily and most importantly: keeps critters out or in. Gates can of … Continue reading

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Missy the Corgi in a Frog Costume: The Nubbin Version

What could be cuter than an adorable red and white Corgi wearing a frog costume? Nothing! But this tiny Nubbin version is a close second, for sure! I just love a challenge and Fiber Friends lovers keep throwing them at … Continue reading

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