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Employee Of The Month- Pocket!

I think i’ll take today off- Pocket seems to have things under control. Have a good day at work, Pocket! Check out her handiwork at


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Planting a Potato Tower

If this works, we will have made some serious lemonade out of lemons, or in this case: potatoes out of old hay and built up manure from the barn. We’re calling it the “Potato Monolith” and i’ll be revisiting it … Continue reading


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Cooper – A Custom Ordered Corgi Pet Portrait

Cooper’s mom challenged me with this ‘over the shoulder’ post and i’m so glad she did! Every time a client asks me to do a new pose, new breed, new toy – my craft improves. Cooper is one of my … Continue reading

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Woman Powered Mowing: Using a Scythe

My Grandmother calls me her “old fashioned granddaughter” what with my love for handspinning, felting, sewing, gardening, etc. She really hit the nail on the head as i can’t help but be attracted to old timey things and activities. But, … Continue reading


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