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Note to Self…

Note to others, as it is too late to be useful to myself: When painting galvanizing, anti-rust paint onto your rabbit cages, crawl inside and paint the floors BEFORE you paint the tops or you’ll be in for a serious … Continue reading

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Homestead Update: The Lounge Room

Previously the absolutely most repulsively stinking room in the house, our new “parlor/lounge room/living room the second/nap room” is truly epic. The first night that the floors were laid and the bookshelves (gasp! bookshelves? with knick knacks actually UP after … Continue reading


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Preserving the Season

This homesteader is finally getting some homesteading done! My cucumbers are popping and i’ve got one batch of sour pickles done and in the fridge (and on toasted cheese sandwiches for lunch almost every day) and a second batch fermenting … Continue reading


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Homestead Update – Living Room Floor Before and After

I think the photographs will tell this story well enough, though do insert ‘nastiest cat pee stink you can imagine’ into the before pictures to get the full affect. 😉 The first thing on our list was ‘rip out the … Continue reading


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