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Homestead Update: An Herbal Pathway (Plus a New Farm-hand!)

I mentioned last week that i’d been working on some aesthetic projects. I was so excited to finally add a proper entry way to our house and am now enjoying the lovely smell of lemon thyme every time i step … Continue reading


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Fiber Fridays: Fergus!

Today’s Fiber Friend is from the vaults! Fergus was one of my earliest Fiber Friends i was really proud of. Not quite as detailed as the 2013 Friends but still bestowed in cuteness. His mom, Susan risked felted life and … Continue reading

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And Growing Even More

Here are the kits at 2.5 weeks old. I swear they continue to double in size daily. They were cute when i took these photos on Sunday, and this morning, Monday, they were sprinting around, chewing on stuff, growing up … Continue reading


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Homestead Update: Aesthetics in Progress

Somehow i’ve made some time (thank you long Summer days!) to work on some aesthetics around the farm! That’s all about to change as we hit ‘crunch time’ to prep the house for an upcoming visit from the in -laws. … Continue reading


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