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Steel Wool – Buff Your Terminals

Do you feel an itch in your feet? The kind that tells you it’s time to dance? Are you sharing that persuasive inclination alongside of joyful, dancing kiddos and tuned in, humming oldsters? You might be at a Steel Wool … Continue reading

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Busy isn’t always best

“I’m always busy” is something you’ll probably hear me say pretty often. However, I don’t want to be part of the glorified ‘busy’ of America where we can’t feel like productive folks unless we’re frazzled all the time and part … Continue reading

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Cooking with Guinea Hog – Pork Chops

I’m a big fan of bone in pork chops. I cook them often. My husband says i’ve mastered the technique. 😉 You really can’t beat cast iron, butter and pork fat – especially when it’s locally grown guinea hog fresh … Continue reading


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Wordless Wednesday: The Great Gopher Hunter

It’s a tireless, task but someone has to do it. Get those gophers, Pocket!


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