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Farm Update – Christmas at the New Farm

A friend on Facebook told me “well, you’re a real farmer now: you’re working on Christmas!” I wouldn’t go that far, but we did get some projects worked on during the holiday and even cooked a side dish to bring … Continue reading

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Building Bandit – A Fiber Friend Comes to Life!

I had so many fun orders this Christmas for custom pets from fluffy poodles to my favorite breed, Corgis – and i even got to work on a Cardigan AND a fluffy! I just love getting to see photos of … Continue reading

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Twas a Fiber Friendly Christmas!

First off: thank you to all you wonderful friends and family who commissioned special felt pets for your loved ones for Christmas this year. You made my holiday bright and i know you how happy you made your gift recipients! … Continue reading

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Farm Update: Clean and Sparkley…. Almost

The cat pee smell is subsiding thanks to Nature’s Miracle and elbow grease. Carpets are gone, flooring is cleaned and every SINGLE piece of wood trim has been lovingly caressed with delicious smelling Frommer’s citrus oil. My wrists are killing … Continue reading


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