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“Shake and Bake” Chicken

No, this is not the recipe that you are thinking of. No preservatives, boxes, pre-packaging or styrofoam was harmed in the making of this meal. And let me tell you, I have found my absolute favorite way to prepare chicken! … Continue reading

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Choosing a Raw Diet

Since choosing to feed our corgi, Pocket a raw diet… we’ve had lots of factors to consider. Where to get our supply of meat? What type of meat to feed? How often? How much? What “philosophy” will we follow: B.A.R.F., … Continue reading

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Beazell Forest

Just up hwy 223 (from the junction of hwy 20, just west of Philomath) is Beazell Memorial Forest. Hidden under the trees are mushrooms, ferns, streams and several miles of lovely hiking paths. Signs of the recent floods were obvious, … Continue reading

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Black Bean and Goat Chilly

While everyone else in the country (it seemed) was watching a football game, we the televisionless couple cooked some chilly in honor of the sport. We paid a visit to a local farm last week to pick up some meaty … Continue reading

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