Welcome, Ebenezer Snooze

We welcomed a new hand to the farm this weekend. So far he does do quite a bit of snoozing, but seems to enjoy chasing bits of bailing twine (i really need to make him some better cat toys) so i’m hopeful our new little farm hand will help us with our major vole problem in the field and mouse problem in the barn.

So far he and Pocket are not getting along – mostly because he’s terrified and turns into a miniature panther whenever he sees her, which thus terrifies her. It’s an endless circle! She has gotten along fine with other cats, so I hope he’ll calm down soon and they can become friends. Maybe Pocket will even show him a thing or two about the voles. The barn feels more complete with a kitty around – i hope he’ll stay close, not get run over by a log truck or snatched up by a coyote. He certainly is helpful when i’m feeding the rabbits – making sure my shoes are aren’t doing me any damage. Welcome, Ebenezer!

For more baroo-worthy entertainment, check out this 51 second video of Pocket and Ebenezer’s first meeting. I swear Pocket is saying something.

Do you have dogs and cats, living together? How long did it take for them to become accomstomed?


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  1. Sabrina

    In my experience it will take a few days, maybe a week for them to get accustom to each other. Cat’s don’t like change. As soon as the kitten realizes Pocket is not a threat, it will probably stop being scared. We have 4 cats and 1 Corgi. Each cat took a while to warm up to the dog AND to each other. ymmv

  2. Linda

    Your Ebenezer Snooze looks a lot like my Robin Hood at that age- hair sticking out like he stuck his paw in a light socket! He will grow into a big, long haired beautiful cat with lots of personality. Maybe even a mouser!

  3. Mich

    Once little cat realises that Pocket isnt into feline chasing, he will calm down & stop turning into a kitty bog brush every time Pocket comes into view….but it may take a while. :)

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