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Fermented Pickles #2

So, i never really updated my first pickle post. I was remiss. I was too busy eating them to take their pickled pictures, so now all those lovely red onions have been gobbled up: i guess they were a success! … Continue reading


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Homemade Yogurt in 3 Easy Steps!

Heat. Cool. Incubate. Those are the three steps it takes to make yogurt at home. That’s it! You don’t need a fancy yogurt maker, a dehydrator or mail order starter cultures. All you need is a pint of REAL yogurt, … Continue reading


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Probiotic Coleslaw, The Hard Version (Mayo Free!)

Lately, as it has been cabbage season, i’ve been making a lot of coleslaw. Last night i was out of yogurt, so i actually used ACV and mayo: oh my! It was good, but i prefer the yogurt version. This … Continue reading

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Fish Sticks

We’re still whittling away at the fish my husband caught last month. I read a recipe online for making baked fish sticks and had to give them a try….   I’m not totally sold on the recipe. The “breading” was good, … Continue reading


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