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Scrapple: A Nose to Tail Breakfast Recipe

I recently butchered a hog for the first time. This was a pretty big deal for me and I wanted to be sure I used as much of the animal who’s life I had harvested as I could. The skin … Continue reading

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Making Sausage!

Here at Birdsong Farm we raise pastured poultry and domestic rabbits. Our ducks are born on grass, live their lives eating grass, fermented grains and garden waste and entertain us with their beauty and silly tactics. Our chickens have never … Continue reading


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Taco Night!

I don’t think tacos really require a ‘recipe’ so this post is just to drool over. Another thanks is due to the Winns of Winn’s Livestock and Hatchery for their super delicious and affordable meats. I sauteed my pork with … Continue reading

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New Favorite Toy: Dutch Oven

I love my newest kitchen toy. Basic, multi-purpose, last a lifetime good: it’s a dutch oven. It takes up a lot of space, that i really don’t have in this apartment kitchen, but it’s worth it! Remember that delicious bread … Continue reading

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