Preserving the Season

This homesteader is finally getting some homesteading done! My cucumbers are popping and i’ve got one batch of sour pickles done and in the fridge (and on toasted cheese sandwiches for lunch almost every day) and a second batch fermenting in the pantry. I picked up a mess of green tomatoes to make relish and did one batch on the stove and am experimenting with another batch via fermentation – no idea what that will turn out like! Pears and apples have been dehydrating into much coveted dried slices (Pocket loves them as much as we do and more than ‘dog biscuits’). A pile of plums in the pantry will be cooked down into spicy plum sauce this evening (my favorite marinade for any meat on the grill). I should really be dehydrating or freezing some of the zucchini abundance and have 3 cabbages in the fridge rotting while i try to gather kimchi ingredients together…….   Oh, and tomatoes? I have plans to preserve some of those, but have been doing a decent job eating them fresh or as quick sauces.

I hope to make much more time to preserve much more next year…. this year i’m lucky to hold my head on my shoulders and get the house ready for our houwewarming party this weekend. The house is looking great, but the pantry needs filling…. one thing at a time, right?!

What have you been preserving this fall? How do you make time for preserving the summer abundance?


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  1. That looks amazing! I wish you were my neighbor….I’d be having lunch with you every day! :)

  2. Joy Giles

    My cousin from Portland, Oregon, gave me some hot pepper, dill baby green tomatoes. They were done by a neighbor down the road from her who cans and sells them. They were so good and I want to find a similar recipe. My Fall cherry tomatoes are putting on and want to pickle some green ones when the first frost hits— in South Austin that might be November. Have you ever tried such a recipe?

  3. Mich

    I made 15lbs of strawberry jam, next on my list is beetroot chutney. Also roasted down tomatoes with garlic. Love that smell :)

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