Personal Roast “Chicken” (Giving Cornish Hens a Try)

You’ve probably seen these cute little “hens” packaged in your grocery store. I had never tried roasting cornish hens before, and was quite pleased with the results!

Roasting was super easy: follow the instructions on the package! They’re small enough there’s no real guessing on how many minutes per pound, etc. I chopped up some beets, onion and potato to add some veggie flare (and tossed them with some rosemary, salt and pepper) and placed each hen on top, coating with more salt, pepper and herbs. Pop them all in a 350 degree oven for an hour and a half and voila! Perfect roast “chicken” for one!

I actually ate about 3/4 of mind saving the second breast for a delicious chicken salad sammy for the next day’s lunch, and my husband happily devoured this first roast in our new farmhouse. The perfect end to a hard day’s work. The beet colored gravy threw him off a bit, but it was delicious nonetheless.

Have you ever roasted a cornish hen? What did you think?


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2 Responses to Personal Roast “Chicken” (Giving Cornish Hens a Try)

  1. We started raising and selling those this year and they are just perfect. They are so tender and delicious and our customers really love them too.
    Keith Prickett recently posted…Eggs Nestled in Stuffing

  2. I’ve only roasted them once before…with lemon slices and garlic…and they were very yummy! They were easy to prepare and took very little time in the oven.
    Sheryl @ Flowery Prose recently posted…Winter interest.

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