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Ah, Wren – the tiny little ‘town’ most haven’t heard of but those who have hold a special place in their heart for it. Wren is full of fantastic folks tucked between vineyards and fir forests who are happy to come out to the old Wren Hall whenever there is a special event: especially if it involves fiber! “Fiber arts” range from spinning yarn to weaving to felting and are all made possible by those lustrous, crimpy, wavy and soft coats of sheep, alpacas goats and rabbits. Fiber artists (shall we call them “fiber friends”?) range from outgoing and gabby (you’ve surely heard about ‘stitch and bitch’ groups) to private and introspective. Either way – most are happy to come together when there’s a celebration of their favorite medium: fiber! The day was hot but the hall was cool. Music played by local band, Steel Wool filtered through the trees along with the gentle breeze and light baaing of sheep. It doesn’t get much better than that!

I had such a great time in Wren on Saturday, peddling my wares and offering demonstrations of my craft: needle-felting. I love explaining the science of it and it’s great to help a beginning needle-felter find their ‘ah ha’ moment that will push their craft to new levels.

Thanks for coming out to Wren this weekend, and if you missed it – don’t miss the 3rd annual Midsummer’s Spin In and Fiber Fair next year! Don’t miss out on any special events involving Fiber Friends: sign up for our newsletter!   Have a great rest of your week, everyone!

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