Peach/Habanero Jam

Today’s recipe is a re-post from my old blog, An Austin Homestead. This was my first, and so far FAVORITE jam. The subtle heat of the habaneros pairs so beautifully with the golden sweetness of the peaches. This recipe was even tasty enough to inspire another blogger to re-post it! I can’t wait to make this again one day to re-stock my cupboards!

Woo hoo! I think i did it. I won’t be actually opening and tasting this jam until i finish the jam we have opened in the fridge, but it tasted good before processing, so as long as it jells it should be delicious. I used store bought Colorado peaches because i’m a dummy and waited too long to catch Texas peach season. But the habaneros were from my garden and the honey local.

This was my first jamming attempt, so i’m quite pleased all went as well as it did. Next time, though – i’ll be using my taller soup pot or my actual water bath canner instead of the smaller 8 quart pot i used (and purchased for soap making). It is nice to be confident canning and know that i can use other pots than just the strictly water bath canner big blue thing. Which i’d be happy to offer for sale if anyone wants it: it’s currently residing in my closet. Just put some canning rings at the bottom of any big pot and voila: canner.

I used the Pomona Universal Pectin that allows for lower sugar content, as i am not a fan of eating sugar with fruit, aka jelly. Nasty. This recipe used no sugar at all, only honey. I think the flavors of the peach, habanero, and honey will blend really well.

  • 5+ Cups mashed and skinned (and pitted) peaches plus 6 or 7 diced habaneros
  • 3 3/4 teaspoon pectin
  • 5 Tablespoon Meyer Lemon Juice (from my wee tree)
  • 1 Cup honey plus about a quarter cup Agave Nectar
  • 5 Tablespoons Calcium water (included in the Pomona Pectin container)

I simply followed the directions in the pectin container: Added the lemon and calcium water to the fruit, added the pectin to the honey. Brought fruit to a boil, added honey/pectin, stir stir stir to a new boil, place in hot, sterilized jar and process boiling for 10 minutes. All the lids pinged within 5 minutes, so i think we have success!


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  1. This sounds so good. Would it work with raspberries instead of peaches?

  2. I should THINK so…. though you may want to use a food mill to de-seed the berries. I’d personally pair raspberries with cayenne, though. 😉
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