Pause on Pocket: Corgi Flop!

As you may have noticed, things have been a little quiet here at Pocket Pause. As you may have guessed, this means something is afoot (or apaw) here in Philomath. Along with time spent at jobs and working on Fiber Friends and other ventures, the husband and i have been especially busy…… putting an offer on a house! Yipee! 5.3 acres of slope with a view just west of Monmouth. No chickens will be counted, however. We’re maintaining “cautious optimism” and putting the results of our offer in God’s hands. The seller has until 3 this afternoon to respond, and i’m sure i’ll report back as soon as we hear what he has to say. Wish us luck!

And as an “apology” for leaving you without any Pocket loving for a whole week, here’s a gem of a video taken at the McDonald Forest just north of Corvallis.


Wasn’t it nice of whomever left that log for her to skitter out on? You can access this little lake by parking at the Peavey Arboretum, or the trailhead just north of Arboretum Drive on the left side of hwy 99, north of Corvallis. There are miles and miles of hiking trails lined with gorgeous trees and other foliage to enjoy. I’ll be posting more about the trails we hiked later this week, as well as the delicious meals that have been coming out of our kitchen and off our mini grill the past few weeks.

Wish us luck on the home offer and send us good vibes and prayers for the “right” decision/outcome. We need it!

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  1. gogardengirl

    It is always amazing to me that these short legged friends love the water so.  Our corgi, Sadie swims out to us while we swim or float in the lake, but when her ears get wet she seems to sink down.  We have not encouraged her to jump in. Last fall we watched the “corgi flop”video with over 6 million views and decided that this summer we may need to invest in a life jacket for our little pooch. 
    Glad to see that pocket does not have any trouble in the water. Bring on the summer weather! 

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