July Fundraiser for the Corgi Connection of Kansas

CorgipantsSince the inception of Fiber Friends, when my love of Corgis fueled the melding of my illustration style and love for fiber arts, i have been passionate about giving back to the community that has been so supportive of my chosen craft. Pocket, my Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a big reason why Fiber Friends has become a viable career, not just a fun hobby. She is my ambassador, muse and break time entertainment and lucky for me, folks on the internet like her too. Those of us in the ‘corgi community’ and animal lovers in general share a bond. We care for animals the way they should be cared for: like part of our families. Not all animals are as lucky as Pocket. Not all have a loving home and some need a helping hand.  I feel it only just that i should funnel some of the support i receive from my ‘fans’ to those unfortunate pets in the world at large.

For the first several years in business as Fiber Friends, i donated a dollar from every sale to Corgi Pals. Corgi Pals has sadly since unfounded but there are plenty of other worthy causes. For those of you active in the Corgi community in particular, you may be familiar with these faces:

Benny and Biggie CorgipantsFiber Friends Fundraiser for Corgi Connection of Kansas

Benny and Biggie Corgipants were a source of joy to many on Facebook and beyond. With their clever jokes and fearless spirits, these little dogs meant a lot to strangers all over the world, but they meant even more to their human mama. She has had to say goodbye to each of them and it was my pleasure to create a little Fiber Friends family in their honor for her to hold and cry over, and remember her beloved lads. And now, it is my priviledge to hold a fundraiser in their honor.

Fiber Friends Fundraiser for Corgi Connection of Kansas

Here’s to you, Benny and Biggie Corgipants! You have since frapped on to the Rainbow Bridge but you’re still doing good down here. Pocket and I hereby pledge to donate 5% of every sale made on our website, www.FiberFriendsOnline.com to the Corgi Connection of Kansas, one of your favorite organizations helping foster and re-home Corgis in need of homes.

Now is a great time to order gifts in time for Christmas and know that your dollars are helping Corgis in need while you invest in fine art you’ll cherish for years to come (i know, it’s early to think about the holidays – but my waiting list is pushing 4-5 months!). I have plenty of in-stock cuties in my shop, custom listings for ordering your own pet’s portrait, and plenty of add-ons to make your Fiber Friends even more special.

So, let’s hear it for the pets we love and raise some funds for those still searching for their special family!

We appreciate your support!

– Miranda & Pocket

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