Homestead Update: October 1st

Man, i have been having trouble posting these updates anywhere near the first of the month lately? Anyhoo – busy as a beaver, so here’s a quick overview of September’s progress.

Our biggest accomplishment was the finishing of our supremely awesome upper ‘lounge room‘ and laying all of the first floor laminate! Omigosh, our house looks so PRETTY! Which is hard to believe if you’d seen (and smelled) it “before.” We’re truly falling in love with this place. Which feels real good, let me tell you.

We also had a PARTY! I love hosting parties and surprisingly: i had the best turnout at this party, living in the middle of nowhere – much better than any i’d thrown in the big city. Go figure. Almost all the neighbors came and several expressed how much they appreciated having this gathering as an excuse to socialize and catch up. It was great to meet and get to know such great folks and to break the ice for future waves on the road and cups of sugar borrowed.

Other items accomplished in September:

  • Built a supplemental wood rack and began stacking our winter’s firewood – finally
  • Got the tractor running to the point of MOWING! The pasture will be rejuvenated! (more on that later in the week)
  • Ebenezer has been catching bellies full of voles, field mice and COTTON TAIL RABBITS!
  • I picked up a few rabbit customers
  • The rains returned – bring on the green
  • Plans for barn repairs have almost been solidified
  • We got the house really clean for the party – and then got it really dirty again

That’s about it! Get those Halloween decorations ready, y’all – it’s October!

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