Homestead Update – Living Room Floor Before and After

I think the photographs will tell this story well enough, though do insert ‘nastiest cat pee stink you can imagine’ into the before pictures to get the full affect. 😉

The first thing on our list was ‘rip out the disgusting red carpet,’ i’m a Pisces after all – red is NOT my color. Then we replaced the windows and the beheomoth coal stove. It’s hard to tell how bad the original windows are – but trust me, they were BAD. The new woodstove is SO much more efficient. You mean you don’t need to burn a cord of wood a NIGHT to stay warm???

And the most fun project of all – laying the new floor! Made easy by our new chop saw and some practice, the shiny new floor has brought new life to the place, as well as a new living room layout. I’m in love with our new HOME which is finally feeling like one!

Wait, can we see that one more time – side by side?

Love it!

Don’t you just love home renovations that make such a huge improvement/difference?


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6 Responses to Homestead Update – Living Room Floor Before and After

  1. Linda Lee Bickford

    Wow, what a nice job! I love those shiny floors and your couch with the open windows nearby is beautiful and light. Come help me do my living room over ~ Please!
    Linda B.

  2. Susan Taylor

    Oh, how lovely. You are going to love your home for a long, long time! Congratulations.

  3. Mich

    Looks great :) Pocket will have to wear corgi all terrain paws on shiny floor. :)

  4. Wow —- can I live there?? It’s gorgeous!! You should be so proud of yourselves!!

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