Homestead Update: July 1 2014

Late again – but July has been busy already with Fiber Friends, a growing garden, and lots of hot buns in the barn to take care of. So, without further delay, let me take a quick pause to reflect on our accomplishments this past June.

The end of May throughout June is the season of daisies! One day our pasture will have been rehabilitated past teh point of daisy-making, but in the meantime they are sure pretty. I’m also very proud of the ‘landscaping’ i’ve been doing along the road and in front of our home. Calendula (a great multipurpose herb/flower), sunflowers, Oregon Sunshine, dill and other vibrant flora now border our homestead. I can’t wait to see how all these flowers and shrubs have taken off in, say 5 years. :) Do you remember the very first plant?

Lots of babies are being born every few weeks here at Birdsong Farm. From ducklings to goslings (whom shall be referred to as “Ryan Gosling” from henceforth) to heaps of baby rabbits, the heat takes its toll but the long days encourage all sorts of breeding and birthing amongst the animals. Our first batch of ducklings have already been processed, save 2 lovely hens we’ll be keeping in our flock. It’s amazing how fast meat animals grow and how efficiently they convert time, water, feed, pasture and enjoyment into meat.

AND we’re finally growing vegetables here on the farm! My veggie garden is popping (so much huger than this photo from a week ago already), we’re harvesting as much salad and kale as we can eat and then some and i’ll be digging up my first harvest of BIG Russian Red garlic this week. I even have a completed (almost) storage and compost shed, thanks to my increasingly savvy and skilled husband (with my help, of course). The fence is done, the shed is almost done, the well hasn’t run dry yet – i’d call that a success! (With some serious plans needed for long term sustainability of said well). PS remember the potato tower? So far so good – check out all those vines!

This is surely a busy time of year, both on the farm and with Fiber Friends. This coming month brings even more ‘to-dos’ with a little more time for vacations and rest… You just can’t work as hard in the heat (even if it is significantly cooler than our previous Texas home). We have a much deserved trip to the coast planned for this weekend and then the following weekend brings me to a county fair with some of my rabbits – i am so nervous!

Back to work now – thanks for checking out the homestead update for this past June. Comment with some of your accomplishments from the past month!

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