French Toast

I tried out a new bread recipe this weekend and was inspired to transform a few slices from the loaf into french toast for Sunday brunch. As i’m not one to follow recipes, and i generally don’t even LIKE french toast, so i winged it. I’ve winged this same french toast ‘recipe’ twice now, and am thus confident about sharing it with you all. Though, of course, i didn’t really measure any of the quantities i used…. so i may need to post again with greater accuracy.

Isn’t that a lovely loaf? This bread was made using Jim Lahey’s no knead wheat bread recipe. I under rose and over baked just a touch, so it makes much better french toast than it does sandwich bread. I cut off two thick slices and whipped up an egg batter while preheating a pan on medium. Any bread will work for french toast, but it’s a great recipe for giving new life to stale bread and really soft sandwich bread can get a bit soggy.

Egg batter for french toast:

This amount is good for 2-3 slices of french toast, and could be stretched to 4 slices if you dip more quickly.

  • 2 eggs
  • Quick tip from the milk bottle (probably about 1/4 Cup or less)
  • 2 shakes cinammon
  • 1/4 tsp stevia (optional)
  • drop vanilla extract

Yeah, not the best measurements. Sorry. You want an eggy batter, not a milky batter so use that as a guide. Scramble the batter together. Once pan is hot, drop in a pat of butter and dip the bread slices into the batter, turning to coat each side of the bread. Cook (under a lid for puffness) until each side has lightly browned and the egg is cooked through, flipping halfway.

Serve with some homemade butter, local honey, maple syrup or chopped fresh fruit. If any batter is leftover, cook it up as you would scrambled eggs and serve that on the side. Yum!      *ps, this meal would have been a great contribution to this Winter’s Dark Days Challenge: home baked bread, local eggs, homemade butter, local honey, local milk and berries. Yeayah!

Do you like french toast? What’s your favorite use for stale bread?


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3 Responses to French Toast

  1. jessica larriva

    Ooo, I love french toast. When I have a lot of people to make breakfast for I often use this recipe for boozy baked french toast:

    I work for a bakery, and often times my chickens get the stale bread I bring home. They love it!

    • MirandaRommel

      You’re so lucky!
      I need to continue to remind myself to try and hook up with the local bakeries once we get animals, to reap the stale bread boon. Also will be tapping local brewers for their spent grains. Thanks for that recipe!

  2. Hi, I am not going to “rain on your parade” but this is not done in France….
    We have “somthing” which could look like it and it is called “pain perdu”.
    Bread – in the old fashion days was pretty expensive for the common people, so when they had some bread left, too hard to eat they would make a “pain perdu”. It could be used a desert as well :
    25 cl de lait (milk)
    – 3 oeufs (eggs)
    – 75 g de sucre de canne (brown sugar)
    – 6 tranches épaisses de pain paysan (thik slices of country bread)
    Beat milk+eggs+sugar (add cinnamon if you like). Dip the slices of bread in themixture and cover each side of slice with mycryo butter (this is powdered cocoa butter) less fattening than pure butter – and fry in a non-stick sauce pan on each side.

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